Warm and Rustic Touch with Board

However, it is possible to give your home that classic warm look using board and batten shutters. These are now among the most popular home improvement ideas today because of their old cottage-style which gives an ordinary looking home an instant makeover. This style borrows heavily from the Ranch style architecture and it perfectly blends functionality and aesthetics. These versatile and multi-dimensional look shutters offer cost-effective storm protection and add a warm rustic look to the property. There is an array of materials, styles, color blends, sizes and finishes to choose from and you will easily find a combination that goes with your home décor. If you have been wondering how to easily spruce up your home without breaking the bank, this article will provide more insight on how these stylish shutters can work for you.

Owning a home is ranked up there in the American Dream and when you have the keys, maintaining the property in tiptop shape is a lifelong calling. You are ready to go to any lengths to keep your home looking splendid. This is after all one of the biggest investments you can make in life. However, this is not easy especially when you are dealing with exterior décor.

While a new home’s exterior décor will always look resplendent, exposure to weather elements means even the best-maintained facades deteriorate with time. The doors and windows also take a beating and however much you try repainting them, the effects of age and exposure is still visible. It is against this backdrop that most homeowners look for installations that not only help protect critical exterior surfaces but also boost their home’s curb appeal.

Blending Aesthetics and Functionality in Home Décor

Board and batten shutters are designed to give your property that magnificent finish that will awe visitors while at the same time offering cost-effective protection against the weather. With the erratic weather being witnessed throughout the country, there is no denying that you need more functional shutters to protect your windows. Unlike most shutters in the market, these boards also add a dash of style to your home. You can choose a design or color that blends or sharply contrasts with the rest of your home’s appearance. This makes these shutters the focal point of the exterior home’s décor.